Dan Leader’s Silesian Dark Rye

I continue to bake from Local Breads, excited to use the rye sourdough starter I raised from scratch, and in an attempt to incorporate more whole grains into my diet.

This has a stronger rye flavor than my Czech Light Rye, but is delicious in its own way.  Besides sandwiches, I found that the lingonberry jam I bought on my last trip to Ikea went wonderfully with toasted slices of this bread for breakfast.  The tart flavor of lingonberry stands up to the assertive taste of this bread.

I was also thrilled with the oven spring I got on this loaf.  I am apparently not slashing deep enough–once again (like my Czech Rye) the steam found its own way to escape during the baking process, and not along the route I prepared for it with slashing.  I’m convinced that my scoring has been too shallow for years, but it never showed up because I wasn’t properly developing the gluten.  Now that I am pretty consistently getting “windowpane” in my machine (i.e., kneading to sufficiently develop the dough and the gluten within), getting the scoring right matters.  It’s a nice realization to make, as it means my breads are getting better. 

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One thought on “Dan Leader’s Silesian Dark Rye

  1. I’m kind of intimidated to bake from “Local Bread” because there seem to be so many errors in it – but your breads look so great. So I’m going to mark the breads you made so I know they were a success.

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