Sunday Night Dinner: Winter Meatballs with Savoy Cabbage

I’m finally brave enough to attempt cooking with little E roaming free.  I had avoided it for a while as he’s quite a handful but now that he can happily eat his Oatios or herd his balls rolling around the house, I can manage to get in there.  Also I realized–what’s the worst that happens, it burns and I eat a frozen meal?  Wasn’t I going to do that anyway?

I like to cook something on Sunday nights in particular–Work is unlikely to get in they way, I’ve had the weekend to think of something interesting to cook and have also had time to go to the grocery store.  Also because the leftovers next day can be used for lunch at work (and it sure beats spending  $7 for a salad at one of the local lunch chains).  M had bought ground beef a few months ago that was sitting in the freezer and I decided it was time to use it before it spent too much time under ice.  I looked in one of my favorite cookbooks, Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking and found her recipe for winter meatballs.  (Sorry Karen, this is going to be of theoretical interest to you only).  It took longer than I expected but wasn’t particularly hard, and it was kind of fun shaping the meatballs.  I haven’t really used Savoy Cabbage before but it was quite good–I’ve seen it in lots of recipes and it’s a good practical and inexpensive winter vegetable so I’ll have to investigate it more.

The cabbage is cooked down for about an hour, then you turn up the heat to brown it a bit (and it gives off a nice aroma), add tomatoes, cook a bit longer, and throw in the meatballs (which you’ve previously browned in oil–yes, this is not a low fat recipe I am afraid).  I’d make it again, and I’m not a big ground beef person!  What can I say, Marcella knows what she is talking about.

Here’s the cabbage

 Savoy Cabbage

Here’s the meatballs

 Meatballs for Winter Meatballs with Savoy Cabbage

And here’s dinner!

Winter Meatballs with Savoy Cabbage


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