Well, I don’t have a cute baby to share… But a little chocolate never hurts!!

Well, after only a SINGLE nagging email from my favorite older sister I am ready to start blogging.  Even though I haven’t posted, I have been active in the kitchen.  Apparently, I like to make 2 things on a regular basis:  1) chocolate bark and 2) scones. 

I baked pumpkin scones on Friday using the scone recipe from the Joy of Baking website.  This evening I baked chocolate chip scones, and they are cooling, just waiting for the coffee glaze.  Those recipes are pretty easy and boring.

As  for the more creative side, I decided to experiment with chocolate bark, stealing from the Williams & Sonoma peppermint-chocolate theme. 

First, I melted one bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips over a double-boiler.  You could do this in a microwave, but since I am still without one, I opt for the old-fashion method.   Once melted I poured it into a foil lined 8×8 baking dish and refrigerated it.   Of course, I was on the phone with Sara at this point and forgot to add the crushed candy canes, so I had to quickly sprinkle and stir in the pan.  Optimally, these would be added before the big pour. 

As that cooled, I melted white chocolate — another full bag.  After that was melted, I added about 1/2 a teaspoon of mint extract and poured that over the harded dark chocolate in the pan.  I reserved about 1/3 of a cup and added about 5 or 6 drops of red food coloring to get a nice pink.  I dropped big clumps into the soft, while chocolate and played with the swirls until I was satisfied.  And for the final finished product — more crushed candy canes. Yes, I am quite pleased with myself right now.  Next time, I might add the food coloring directly to the melted chocolate in the bowl pan to achieve deeper red swirls. 

Here’s hoping, I can figure out how to post to this thing!


One thought on “Well, I don’t have a cute baby to share… But a little chocolate never hurts!!

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