A quality dinner

I’m sure you are expecting a beautiful Julia Child esque recipe–well I wonderful fully microwavable dinner at your finger tips all through the gourmet Trader Joe’s. =)
Upon a fire, my oven has been in and out of working and today when I was to make some fine black beans and rice-I realized the oven and stove is broken.
So I went to my friendly freezer to cook a beautiful pasta, popped it in the oven-
the dinner doesn’t stop there-
more microwavable recipes-are you waiting? wait no longer.
I pierced the bag of green beens and whollaa-3 minutes later I had rubber green beans-but they were hot.
Next up-microwavable polenta. that’s right. polenta. Prepackaged.

hmmmmmmm…I’m thinking I dropped the quality of these blogs to an all time low.
Goodnight ladies.


2 thoughts on “A quality dinner

  1. Hey I love Trader Joe’s. He (in his various incarnations as Maitre Joe, Trader Giotto, and Joe’s dinner) has occupied quite a hefty amount of space in our freezer.

    Definitely sucks about the oven. At least the oven I almost destroyed was a toaster oven which cost all of 20$, and not a real one. Fortunately lack of an oven should not affect the ability to make a cool-whip recipe.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with Trader Joe’s — this coming from the sister who is currently without her favorite friendly grocer.

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