Baby Norgi…still not done

After getting around to steeking after several months, I thought I was nearly done with the Baby Norgi sweater.   Steeking involves knitting tubular fabric and then cutting armholes, neckholes, etc. into the knitted fabric.  You generally use a sewing machine to sew up and down the sides of the steeks so that you don’t have it unravel (though depending on the yarn, it’s not necessary, nor is a sewing machine absolutely necessary; as I’ve done it by hand before I owned one).  Though I’ve successfully steeked a few times, I still get nervous about it.  Anyway I finally hauled out the sewing machine last week and sewed and cut (took all of 10 minutes). 

Here's the freshly cut armhole (you can see the thread in white averting disaster)

Here's the freshly cut armhole (you can see the thread in white averting disaster)


I figured it was as much as done from there…I sewed in the sleeves, and picked up the neckband.  And it was way too tight.  I thought it was because I might have knit through the back loop when I picked up (just as I generally do as it usually closes up gaps) so I ripped and re-knit.  Better, but when it still doesn’t go over the baby’s head, “better” hardly matters. 

The problematic neckline

The problematic neckline

So the new plan is–steek the neckline to make it a bit bigger.  If you can do it for sleeves, why not for the neck?  I will make a placket on the back so that it can get over little E’s apparently very large noggin.  Hopefully my guesstimate about how much to open up the neckline is going to work, otherwise I don’t know what else I’m going to do.  Third time’s the charm, here’s hoping.


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