Avocado Spinach Quesadilla

before toasting...after toasting!So, although it’s still toaster oven friendly and super easy-I still love it! These are so easy to make. Get some avocado, pepperjack cheese (low fat if you are looking to save calories), frozen spinach, cilantro, lime juice and some tortillas.

Mix the avocado (about half of one), a tablespoon of lime juice and some salt together with a fork. Spread this mixture on to four tortillas. Then sprinkle some cilantro, layer some cheese and add the spinach. The only sticky thing is that you have to use frozen and not fresh and before you put the spinach (about a lb) you need to squeeze out the water.

Toaster Oven makes them nice and crispy! Plus, if you happen to be needing to put a bathing suit on in the near future, they are less than 300 calories! Whola!


2 thoughts on “Avocado Spinach Quesadilla

  1. Thanks Marie! Always on the lookout for good weeknight meals. Whenever E gets over throwing all his food on the floor I bet this is a recipe that is a kid-pleaser too.

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