Amy Butler’s Nappy Bag: Success!

I’m so pleased:

From this...

From this...



To this!

To this!

I cut this out Saturday night and finished it Thursday night.  I love the fabrics and how well it turned out, for one of my first projects.  I was a little nervous at times–the bag is constructed by sewing canvas to the exterior fabric to give it heft, and perhaps not surprisingly the canvas was a bit hard to get through the  machine, once multiple layers were involved.  I had a few times when the machine jammed up and I was concerned that the bag would be stuck forever in the feeder foot.  I took out the shuttle race (or whatever the thing that holds the bobbin is called) since I couldn’t eve turn the side wheel and that seemed to unjam everything.  I learned not to let the canvas backed fabric shift at all–for example if I stopped the machine to adjust, and that seemed to prevent the problem from reoccuring.  The bag was so heavy near the end though I had to really be alert for it.  Also I couldn’t get a small part of the final topstiching of the handle–with the buildup of seam allowances the bulk was just too much for the machine.  It doesn’t matter in the end but I’m curious if other people have had this problem or if it’s something to do with my machine.  In any case it’s good to know another way to deal with needle jams.  (Though at one point I snapped the needle–not sure what this means, or if that needle had just had it!)

Also, having gotten a little better at finagling thick layers of fabric I tried the changing pad again, and managed to quilt it.  Again, the decorative topstiching is problematic–as it’s around the edges the seam allowances just make the bulk a little too much for the machine to handle, especially around the corner.  But I think I can work around that–and having to do only that by hand vs. all the quilting sounds MUCH better.

Rather than finishing that up though tonight, I cut out fabric for a new project–more to come on that later!

Also, in case anyone is curious:

Fabrics are from the Amy Butler Lotus Collection, Faded China palette:

Bag exterior:  Sky / Temple Garland

Lining & Changing Pad Case:  Lime / Oxford Stripe

Changing Pad:  Olive /Geisha Fans


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