Amy Butler Nappy Bag: Really finished this time

The whole shebang

The whole shebang

I did declare victory a little early last week about my Nappy Bag–I was just so excited about how the bag turned out I couldn’t help it.  But I wasn’t technically done.  I still had the changing pad and its case to finish, but as I said I was having some problems with that.  Well, as of Monday night I can officially say I have finished the Nappy Bag in its entirety.


After I finished the Nappy Bag I had a bit more confidence about trying to quilt the changing pad again.  Near the end the bag was just so thick I figured I might have gotten a little better at massaging those thick fabrics under the presser foot.  I was better at it but it wasn’t perfect.  The next day, eating breakfast I was flipping through the sewing machine instruction manual (because it was sitting there on the table, not because I regularly read  manuals as part of my morning routine).  And I happened to flip right to a page that explained that if you keep lifting the lever, the presser foot can go up extra-high for thick fabrics.  Oh.  Whaddyaknow, checking the instruction manual when you had a problem.  I then noticed there was a troubleshooting section at the back:  (needle breaking?   Might be too small.  Check what type of needle is needed for canvas?  Oh, a size 18, while I was using a size 14.  I’m lucky I got that bag together at all).

So, after that the changing pad quilted up rather nicely.  The corners still jam when I try to sew them but I am thinking I probably did not trim the corners sufficiently before turning the changing pad right-side out.  (I am nervous to cut too close to the seam line, despite what the pictures show, but I suppose this is the reason for it).  So I just ignored the corners and sewed the rest. 

The case was fun to finish as well, I loved making the drawstrings, plus I got some extra practice on buttonholes.  (Yes, I did have to rip the first one out, which is a pretty onerous task, but it went well after that).

I’m glad to say that I only have two sewing projects in the works:  one which is nearly done (with luck, done tomorrow).  and one waiting in the wings (a gift for a friend about to have a baby)…that’s pretty good for me if you consider how much yarn and unfinished projects I have piled up (and now that I’m spending so much tiem with the sewing machine, not much progress is being made in that department).  Of course, I have plenty of sewing projects I’m looking forward to doing…


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