Apparently I Love Burgundy

I am very behind in posting about knitting.  In part this is because my crafting time has been devoted to sewing recently–I was just so excited to work on my Nappy Bag that knitting fell by the wayside.  (Given that the fabric had been sitting around for a year, my knitting can hardly complain about having been neglected).  But little by little I’ve been making some progress on various knitting projects.

img_4039First, the Baudelaire socks.  I cast on way back in December (in the first blog post, in fact!) and these have been picking up length here and there.  It’s my first attempt at a toe up sock so there’s been some frogging and reknitting, also I have been trying to catch up on New Yorkers on my commute so my knitting time there has been eaten into.  Still, I’ve made it past the heel.  As usual, it’s a very pretty and intricate Cookie A. pattern.

Center Panel Sampler ShawlEdging Detail VLT Sampler Shawl

Second, my shawl from Victorian Lace Today:  I got the yarn for this as a Christmas present from my mother in law in 2006 (argh!) and it’s still not done.  While I think of myself as a relatively fast knitter, I find that lacework seems to go very slow.  I’m not sure why, and I don’t know if the Sundara Silk lace I’m using is particularly slippery.  I see that people whip shawls this size out in a few weeks and I can hardly believe it.  Anyway, I’ve finally finished the center pattern and have started the edging.  It was tricky to get started, but I”m hoping that as more edging is finished it will feel a bit mroe stable and go a bit faster.  While I am in the home stretch here, I feel as though I’ve got a ways to go.

Finally there is the famous Clapotis.  I hope this will finally use up my huge stash of Lush yarn (from a failed sweater). 

 Clapotis WIP

I don’t think I have a particular love of burgundy, but have a look at my three WIPs and tell me what you think.


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