Sampler Shawl: slow but steady

The edging on my sampler shawl is coming along.  I was a little nervous about doing this.  What you do is knit the edging pattern, and knit the last stitch of the edging on alternate rows onto the shawl itself to attach it:  what you do is pick up stitches from the edge of the shawl and knit these together with the last stich on your border repeats.  I was worried about somehow getting off count and reaching the corner in the middle of a pattern repeat and having the corner look all funny–you only have so many stitches to pick up from the shawl and you have a certain number of rows you have to complete for each repeat of the edging (the triangles) and if you get off the math won’t work out!

almost halfway there...

almost halfway there...

I’m supposed to knit 50 repeats (one of those points is a repeat:  12 rows) on the long sides and 30 on the shorter ones.  I ended up with 54 repeats on the long side when I got near the corner.  I also needn’t have worried about getting off count–on the corner you knit several rows into one stitch (as opposed to the rest, where you only knit one row into a stitch).  That gives you a little extra wiggle room–you can adjust how many rows to knit into a stich to finagle yourself back to being on count. 

When you knit the pattern stitch together with the picked up stitch from the side of the shawl, the pattern says to knit it all through the back loop.  I couldn’t quite figure out how to do this, and what I ended up doing was picking up the side stich and then passing the pattern stitch over it.  It seems to somehow get the required twist in, or if it doesn’t, it looks nice to me.  What do they say–one incorrectly knit stitch is a mistake, but repeated it’s a pattern.

So I’ll keep plugging along on it.  It will be really great to be done with this shawl, and I am really looking forward to wearing it–pure silk lace, very luxurious!


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