The food was so good, I forgot to take the pictures!


Last night I went to a great little restaurant that is quote “tuscan-mexican” fusion called Matilda. Weird, right?  I’d been there once before and wasn’t that impressed but I wanted to give it another shot. I started with an appetizer which was called “Taco Alla Fiorentina” which was a corn tortilla with rosemary, fillet mignon, arugola and grana pada cheese. Mmmmm… IT was amazing. For the main course I went more to the tuscan side with homemade pappardelle (very think noodles) with oxtail ragout.  OH my gosh. So good. The only problem is that I ate it so quickly and I think the red meat didn’t sit well in my stomach with all that pasta! So worth it. Of course,  a meal isn’t a meal for me without the drink that goes with it. Rich, flavorful sangria. None of that weak watered down stuff. This is the real deal. Plus–in Manhattan sometimes an 11 dollar drink is less than four ounces. This was a whopping eight. Yes that’s right. That’s one dollar and thirty cents for every once you drink. (I know, sick right?)

Matilda from the outside

Matilda from the outside



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