a little home decor…

I cannot go into any more crafts stores.  It’s too dangerous on my wallet. It’s a good thing the 3 day weekend is nearly over…

A few years ago, I bought a wall hanging that used small clothespins to hang pictures.  It was overly-priced and purchased at an art museum in London.  When I got home to put it together, it was a massive knot that never untangled.   I wanted to fix it but never did (oh, those law school days).

When I first moved into my apartment, I decided that I was going to improvise something similar to fill up some empty space.  From the “clothesline” I would hang pictures and cards — make that “craft room” look homey.

This afternoon, I was wandering through Michael’s, looking for something, anything to make the plain, wooden clothespins just a litte more interesting.  In their scrapbooking section they had these cardboard decals and stickers (just behind the Martha Stewart section, big surprise).  They were perfect for my project:  ready made quotes and single words that nicely correspond to pictures and momentos.  Soon enough I found some cheap ribbon.

I used a basic glue stick to glue the paper on the clothespins.  What a selection!


I then strung the ribbon across the wall.  I wanted to have it casually hung, but the clothespins were a little too heavy and flopped upside down, just kind of ruining the effect.  I solved it by pulling it tight and tacking it up pushpins.


I’ve saved some good cards over the past few months and then alternated from some pictures — that have yet to go into a scrapbook.


It’s not the most sophisticated look, but I like it.  It might be nice in a nursery of sorts for “welcome baby cards” or even at Christmas to string up the Christmas cards.


4 thoughts on “a little home decor…

  1. So cute!!! As I was reading this I was thinking–that would be perfect for Xmas cards–then read your last line! (I finally got around to taking them off the fireplace mantel this weekend. That would have been a much cuter display (though we’d have to hang that up which is still a big problem for us).

    I can’t tell, but is the picture ont he left Mike, me and you at Marie’s wedding?

  2. Yep — that’s a picture of you, me, and Mike. The upside is you don’t have to use nails to hang, just pushpins which leave much smaller holes and aren’t nearly and permanent. It would be easy for Christmas — so much good ribbon. You could even cut up the old Christmas cards to glue onto the clothespins for the next year!

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