Another project…

I’m just not one for accuracy.  While attending a seminar a few years ago for productivity for my work, I rolled my eyes and sighed when we discussed how much more money we could make if we were 99.9% instead of just 99.0%.  Splitting hairs like that just gives me a headache.  Good enough, right?

Well, with quilting you have to be painstakingly accurate – everything from the precise cutting to the quality of thread to the perfect 1/4 inch seams.  At this point, it’s not my forte.  As a result, on my first square, I can’t seem to get two of the triangles to match up appropriately.  I’ve ripped out the seams a few too many times, and I’m afraid I’ll just destroy it completely, irreparably, if I try one more time and fail.  I think I might just hand sew it (have I been reading too much Little Women?) and be done with it.  It will fix this one little problem, but I am in this class to learn how to do things properly, so we’ll see if my next quilting class can teach me just what I am doing wrong.

Given that I’ve been fighting with the rules and accuracy of following a pattern, it probably makes sense that I’ve abandoned my homework for class for more carefree, pattern free options.  I’m lazy and like to make it up as I go along.  So, when I was at the fabric store to get the interfacing, I was perusing the aisles of fabric and just fell in love.  Yes, you can fall in love with fabrics.  My quilting instructor says you have to “listen to your gut” when buying fabrics (see — it’s not just rulers and pins!)

Anyway my friend Tricia is having another baby in July, and I was just inspired.  Tricia and I went to law school together and is a JAG — she’s simply amazing.  She has the spirit and strength to go through the war in Iraq and come back to watch girly-movies with me and be a loving, giving, yet stern when necessary, mom.  Maggie is nearly one year old and will soon be a sister.    This blanket is for them.  My idea came from the “Last Minute Patchwork Gifts” book I saw at Sara’s over the holidays.  After buying fabrics that you absolutely LOVE, you sew big pieces together with batting.  Then you hand quilt around the larger designs within the fabric.  It’s not a super speedy project, but if I’m watching tv anyway…



2 thoughts on “Another project…

  1. As I said, you can justify it as other sewing projects cannot be done sitting and watching TV. Mike was laughing at me after I got off the phone with you as I told him “I was helping her justify a fabric purchase.” “You are good at that” he said.

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