Baby Blankets!

A few months ago, I wisely invested $10 with the Medford Parks and Rec to learn how to crochet an afghan.  I’ve learned  a very easy stitch, so I’m contented to stitch away as I watch my trash TV (typically a combination of hour long crime dramas which seem to give me nightmares about kidnapping and E! celebrity news).  The first blanket was made for the cutest nephew EVER.

I was a little embarassed to present this gift to my sister because the knitting projects she completes (she just doesn’t attempt) are PHENOMENAL.  My first foray into the world of yarn crafts seems just a little amateurish, but hey, you have to start somewhere?


I made another blanket for some friends here in town who just had a beautiful baby girl, Chloe.  Then I decided to spice up life and try to incorporate a few colors into the plain, boring stitch.

This one is for my friend from college Iavor.  He and his wife just had a baby (okay the baby is probably 6 months old by now), so this seemed appropriate.  And, because it’s really not that great, I also included a children’s book so it felt more like a real gift.

I don't know how to rotate this...

I don't know how to rotate this...


2 thoughts on “Baby Blankets!

  1. Yes, I’ve noticed you can’t rotate on wordpress which is annoying. If you download the photo you can rotate it, save it rotated, and re-uplaod. I think you can even do that within the picture folder for windows. I have had some fights with wordpress trying to fix this so I’ve figured this out.

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