Placemats — finally

I have a crate of fabric, my quilting instructor would refer to this as my “stash” but that sounds a little odd.  Over the past few quilting years, I typically buy excess fabric when I plan my quilts because I really have no clue what I’m doing till I sit down. So, I have plenty and plenty of leftover scraps — the coasters were born from this “stash.”

Now that my brain has finally recovered from the stress of law school, the right side of my brain has been patiently waiting, dormant, for its time to shine.  I’m really trying NOT to increase my fabric.  I have visions of being one of those women who owns bolts and bolts of fabric such that only her cats can make their way around the house unhindered.  Also, I’m trying to be a responsible adult and not over-spend.  Hence, I decided to try my hand at using my scraps to make placemants.  I bought this fabric originally for a quilt I made my friend Kate back in 2003.  Kate and I studied abroad together in Scotland and had lovely Sunday afternoons sipping tea and eating chocolate.  The teacup patterns was the inspiration and became the focus fabric.

Strips were 2 inch in width

Strips were 2 inch in width

I started by cutting long strips of the remaining fabric I had.  I then pulled out a placemat that I had on hand and did a rough hand calculation of how many strips to use, etc.  Sewing the strips together wasn’t too difficult.  I can’t be bothered with accuracy.  I was giddy with the opportunity to learn new skills, so I nearly skipped down the street to JoAnn’s to buy bias tape and fabric for the backing.  Sara can attest that I called explaining the new developments.  Well, I bought the wrong size bias tape maker — yeah, I know the heartache.  I didn’t realize this until late in the evening when I was trying to sew 1/2 inch bias tape on the placemats.  When it was ever so apparent that I was going to have a frayed mess, I tossed the idea and sewing the fronts and backs together, turning them inside out and stitching up the hole.  I console myself with the conviction that the added bias tape would have been just too much accessorizing.  What was I going to think of next?  A bedazzler?



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