What $18 will buy you at the quilt store.

Whatever hobby I select, it’s always the expensive one.  I remember clearly in high school when I swam my mom would comment on how expensive my swim suits were — because I had to have the special ones with the razor-back straps.  I started triathlons, so that’s a big expense.  It’s not just a bike but a tri-bike that I’m after these days, if not that, then aerobars on a lighter bike (titanium?).

Well, true to form, quilting is NOT a cheap endeavor.  This seems a little ironic given quilts had their beginning with scraps of fabric from old dresses, stitched together for a warm blanket because it was the cheapest, most economic option.

So, this is what you can buy with $18 at the quilting store.  These stick pins have glass heads — heat resistant.  Also, they make very small holes in the fabric, so you don’t distort the threads.  And, speaking of thread, I know this is special thread.  That’s about it.

I hope my dad doesn’t read this post.  I’ll never hear the end of it.  He won’t just tease me about it — he’d probably just be incensed?  $18???  What do you need that for?  He’d then walk off in disgust wondering just how he’d gone wrong…

Fancy pins and thread

Fancy pins and thread


2 thoughts on “What $18 will buy you at the quilt store.

  1. Yes, it’s surprising how these hobbies are expensive when really they started as a way to conserve or not have to buy things that were too expensive to afford. Meanwhile I can’t get over how expensive some of those specialized sewing machines for quilters can be.

    I have those pins by the way! I don’t know when I’m going to make it through all of your posts though 🙂

  2. Oh, I didn’t realize it was 18 for the pins and the thread. yeah, well, they are nice pins. Whenever I finish my shawl mine will be making an appearance as I’ll be using them to block it.

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