Jamaica Mon!


Brandon and I loved Jamaica! This was taken at a restauarant that was at the resort. Brandon and I ordered every dessert so they gave it to us on this sort of triangle display. (I’m sure there is some name for it that I don’t know of) Chocolate cake, coconut sorbet, flan–good stuff.

All in all-my new favorite cuisine is JERK. Jerk-anything. Jerk chicken, Jerk pork, I heard they served Jerk goat too but I missed that one.


2 thoughts on “Jamaica Mon!

  1. I’ve heard Jamaican food (as in jerk chicken) is really good. There was a place near our old apartment in London but sadly we never went. It was next to Lebanese restaurant and middle eastern was always too great a draw.

    Maybe we’ll try to make it when you visit, and you can tell me how well we’ve done?

  2. Have been lurking for a while, hoping to hear more of Marie’s voice – and now two posts in a row. Keep it up. Am glad you had a good time in Jamaica. Bet there are lots of Jerk restaurants in NYC.

    Frantzie Couch
    Lawton, OK

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