La Cave des Fondus

Yesterday I decided to check out this little fondue restaurant I had been hearing about in the “Nolita” section of the city.  It was definitely tucked away in a corner for no one to see, but was a fun experience. Supposedly it was taken off a french restaurant. This restaurant was tight for cash and there is some sort of wine tax in France so they serve it in baby bottles to get away with not paying. This restaurant took the idea. Very weird to drink wine out of a baby bottle. White, red–it doesn’t matter. I decided to pour it in a glass after one  “suck”.

They offered two different options-meat or cheese.  I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get an array of cheeses or that the only type of meat we got with the cheese option was cold ham. I’m a food snob. What can I say? Brian and I thought it would have been a nice touch for them to have seared the ham or at least heated them up a bit.  The cheese fondue was tasty and surprisingly not too heavy on the tummy. The chocolate fondue with fruit was delicicious, but I thought they could have provided some strawberries! Oh well.fondue


3 thoughts on “La Cave des Fondus

  1. I can understand. I guess a traditional alpine meal doesn’t translate well to the carribean.

    It’s not bad to care about what you are eating. I don’t think it’s being a “food snob” but rather just appreciating what’s important in life.

    By the way, what ARE you drinking? That reminds me of what little E normally has–but I am pretty sure whatever is in there is NOT baby-approved!

  2. The wine in the baby bottle is pretty ridiculous. Wouldn’t that compromise the “flavor” or the essence of the wine? I’m just thinking about all the recommendations given to properly “aerate” wine. But, I guess since it originated in France they thought about this stuff. As for fondue, I’m only familiar with the melting pot…

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