More Coasters…

After the debacle that was my entrance into the world of making my very own bias tape, I had a couple yards of 1 in. strips of fabric lying around.  The easiest thing would have been to pitch them in the trash and deposit them with the rest of the random bits of food debris, non-recyclables, etc.  It felt like such an unseemly end after I had put in such work to cut the pieces and sew them, in alternating fashion, into long strips.  In short, I couldn’t bear it and felt as if unceremoniously disposing of them would just hurt their feelings (yes, still talking about fabric here).

Inspired by Sara’s dedication to using every last scrap of whatever, I decided to make something of the mess I created last weekend.  I sewed the strips together lengthwise  to make a thicker chain and then use this reconsititued fabric for . . . coasters.  Such a VERY exciting project, but it’s one that I know I can handle and gift away.  It hasn’t required much skill, as I’ve mastered the straight-line sewing technique.

This is MUCH too MUCH work for such a small project.  I probably would have been quickly annoyed with it, but I cleverly distracted myself with an audio cd of Anne of Green Gables.  Maybe that’s why I felt so pioneer-like.  As Anne was staring out the window at the Lake of Shining waters and “hemming” a dishtowel, I was sewing as well.


These are the unfinished coasters -- in need of quilting, but I'm pleased with them just the same.


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