Finished Socks and Something New

Finally I have finished the Baudelaire socks.  They feel like they took forever, actually I started them around the time that we started this blog back in early December.  Here’s a few views:  the one with the white background is to give a better idea of the deep, rich red color (from Sundara Yarns), the others are to give you a sense of the pattern.  In particular I like the side cable between the front and back panel on the leg.






This pattern was something new for me–I have never made a toe-up sock as I mentioned in a previous post–and had a lot of interesting details. In particular, the side cable was made by knitting into four stitches without dropping any off the needle and then knitting into the back of those same stitches to increase four stitches.  Pretty neat.  (Pretty tricky too, but you only have to do it four times in total, two for each sock).

While I can’t say I’m looking forward to wearing these (as it likely means it is snowing again and I am in the snowboots), I do really love these socks.

And, in an attempt to use up more yarn, socks for my husband.  The white is leftover from the ill-fated baby norgi sweater, the red from a pair of socks that I couldn’t stand making with this particular yarn (it was too slippery for the twisted stitch pattern I attempted), and the other colors are odds and ends.  I’m really trying to work through the yarn I’ve amassed rather than buy more.  Hence, the possibly overly-loud (or at least unseasonably Christmassy) color combo.  These socks are the pattern for “Ilmar’s Socks” from Nancy Bush’s Folk Knitting in Estonia, one of my favorite knitting books–I think this is my 8th or 9th project from that book (which, in evidence thereof, is falling apart).

I only stated these Thursday night.  How on earth are they going so much faster?



2 thoughts on “Finished Socks and Something New

  1. Sara – your knitting projects just astound me. So beautiful, and ever-ongoing.

    If your favorite Estonian pattern book is falling apart, you might consider having it comb-bound. The inner margins must be wide enough to accommodate the punching for the spine, but there’s usually enough room. If there’s any doubt about what size comb to use, go for the larger size – the book will fall open much more easily. You can get this done at almost any office supply store (e.g., Kinkos, Staples, Office Depot). Sometimes I’ve been able to salvage the printed spine of the original book and glue it to the comb spine.

    Enjoy reading all three sisters on the blog!

    Frantzie Couch

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