Trip to Drumlin Farm: Maple Syrup Time!

Last Saturday we went to Drumlin Farm for a pancake breakfast and to celebrate the maple syrup season!  Little E loves pancakes (no syrup needed) so even though I know he might not be into learning how much sap you need to make a gallon of syrup, he would still have a good time.  (The ratio is 4:1, I learned) [Correction:  It’s 40:1, and takes the yearly production of 2 trees to produce a gallon, more or less].  We went with our friends Liz, Brian and little K who also enjoyed the pancakes.


What's on tap?

What's on tap?








Sugar Shack is all fired up

Sugar Shack--all fired up








From Sap to Syrup

From Sap to Syrup

How to describe Drumlin Farm?  A working farm, but also part of the Massachusetts Audobon Society, a nature preserve, a zoo of sorts and an educational center all in one.  Besides tons of great activities (mostly during the workweek, sadly) they even have a CSA.  We saw the start of that by going to their greenhouse to see the tiny seedlings being incubated for transplant in May–that’s how you extend the season in these cold northern climes, where the danger of frost is not past until May!

Even though a lot of the farm exhibits are more aimed at children, I had fun seeing the different local breeds of chickens–including Rhode Island Reds and those crazy Polish chickens–the absolutely massive draft horses, baby goats, sheep, cows, you name it.  And since this is a real farm, they also have a freezer full of meat you can buy  (free range and not full of antibiotics which is a truly scary prospect from a public health standpoint!)  And while that freezer has the more typical cuts, you can also get goat stewing meat, lamb livers, and all those unusual items.


E was getting over a sore throat and still working on some molars so he didn’t have as much fun as I would expect.  I think he was also mad because I wouldn’t let him crawl around in the mud.  I told him that’s one more reason he needs to learn to walk but he’s stubborn.  Anyway, he’ll have another chance at it when we hit Woolapalooza at the end of the month.  (You think I’m missing that?)

Having fun at the Farm

Having fun at the Farm


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