To Square Up, To Stitch in the Ditch, et al.

Soon, very very soon I will have a completed table runner to add to my list of accomplishments.  For a “quilting” class, I spent minimal time quilting, but so it goes.

Generally, after you have completed the various “blocks” of your project, you have to “square” them up.  This requires you to take you rotary cutter and bravely trim down the edges so you have right angles and even symmetry.  It’s a little to easy to over-cut which can create a world of hurt to those already belabored scraps of fabric.  Because you are working with an actual design and pattern, it’s distracting to have have 3/4 inch of red on the left corner and 7/8 of inch on the right corner.  I swear.

(On a side note, my best friend from college Linda and I first bonded over a cake at a birthday party.  We both are from the school of thought that you HAVE to even out the cake.  For example, if the last slice left one edge a little ragged, you are compelled, I repeat you absolutely and at all costs MUST even it out by shaving off just a little more to have the tidy, Martha-Stewart-would-be-proud display.  Unlike in squaring up in quilting which can lead to an unwanted reduction of the finished product, evening out the cake  results and a must unwanted addition to the waistline.)

After I have “squared up” the pieces, I sewed on the sashing and attached the last remaining triangles for the ends.  To attach the batting, I used adhesive spray.  At 8pm on a Tuesday night, I was on my porch, pajamas rolled up to my knees and crouching over fabric stretched out across the trashbags (I had visions of a landlord denying a security deposit because there remained an outline of a table runner on the concrete outside my front door). The whole process was  a lot easier than I anticipated back, middle, and front were all quickly attached.

Back of table runner, attached to batting.

Back of table runner, attached to batting.

Front of table runner attached to batting.

Front of table runner attached to batting.

Only later did I hear there is this thing call invisible thread!  No, you cannot weave it together for some Harry Potter cloak, but after seeing all my errors, I would have been happier just to have the thread alone.

My uneven quilting...see the red thread?

My uneven quilting...see the red thread?

At my last quilting class, I learned how to attach the binding, and now it’s some handstitching (it’s really “slick” I’m told) before the finished product is finished.

I had hoped to show the finished product on this post, but when I sat down last night to try my hand at needlework, I realized that I didn’t have clue what I was doing or what I was supposed to be doing.  Luckily, the quilt shop is only a hop, skip, & a jump from work and my quilting instructor works tomorrow.  Phew.


quilted, back


quilted front


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