I won something!

I’ve been faithfully entering in the Culinate TGIF book giveaway for about a month now.  Two weeks ago I was very excited to learn I had won this:

Mike and I went to Turkey in 2005 for Easter and we just loved it.  It reminded me so much of my summer in Sarajevo (though I suppose the cultural influence was coming from the other direction), and people in Turkey were so much fun!  Drinkwise, we had fresh squeezed pomegranate juice from a street vendor, ayran (a plain yogurt drink, so sour, but I loved it), strong strong coffee, and sweet hot sahlep (made from the root of a natve orchid).  To eat, all sorts of delicious foods:  bureks (meat pies, which I knew from Bosnia), pides (“Turkish Pizza”), yogurt sauces and dips, and of course, baklava (there are way more than one type).  Mike still talks about the little hole in the wall in Selcuk as one of the best meat kebabs he ever had.  (And yes, we bought a rug).

When I saw this book at our local bookstore on display last fall, I longingly looked through it, not just for the food but perhaps just as much for the opportunity to “travel” through the country again.   (It’s almost more of a coffee table book than a cookbook).  At the price I wasn’t sure if I should indulge, especially since I have plenty of cookbooks and have imposed a semi-successful moratorium on myself with respect to buying any more.  So I do what I always do with books I want to read but am not sure about buying:  I got it from the library.  I very reluctantly sent it back on its due date, but really told myself I couldn’t buy it (“you can always get it from the library again and see if you really want it, or ask for it for Christmas…”).  The very next day however, I got an email from Culinate telling me I had won: guess what?

My book arrived yesterday:  here’s a sampling of some of the gorgeous photos.


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