Coming clean

I am going to come across as a bit of an internet addict but I have started another blog!  This time it’s only one sister (though I know Karen is starting her own herbs and Marie’s husband is a gardener so maybe they will migrate over); it’s just to keep track of my newest hobby, gardening.  (Right, because there’s not enough. I wonder why I have read half a book since the year started).  I’m trying to keep track of things as it’s suggested you do so to know what and what does not work…sounds like a good idea to me–I’m sure there will be plenty of learning along the way.  Here’s hoping I have inherited just a bit of our Grandma’s green thumb!

So it’s over at and I’m linking to it on the side.  Might be as interesting to read about as actually watching plants grow (thus you may be glad it’s on another site!), but for me at least it will serve a purpose, ha ha!

Now that Mike is back from his last minute business trip and we have our computer back, hopefully I will be back posting some pictures pretty soon–woolapalooza and some new knitting projects!


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