Venezia Pullover: the beginnings

As you might imagine, it took me a long time to get this started.  First I had to wait for all the yarn to come in (the supplier was backordered!), then there were swatches made which didn’t really settle the question of which size needle to use, so I just picked the size I thought would be easiest to work with (2.5mm addi lace) and crossed my fingers.  Then the first time I finished casting on (using a method I am new to and which is therefore a bit tricky for me) and joined, it turned out I had twisted the join:  this error is unfixable so I had to rip it all out and re-cast on 296 stitches.  I realized this after 9 repeats.  Yes, ugh.  But finally, we got going.

Venezia Pullover WIP 1

The hem, you may be able to tell, is self-finished:  I knit 14 rows, folded it in half, and then knit the cast on edge together with the live stiches to create a very prettily folded-over hem.  The nice thing about this is it completely hides the first row which is a bit untidy at the join.  It’s now on the wrong side!  The cast-on edge was actually not a traditional cast on but a lace-type cast on done over a piece of waste yarn.  This allows you to join that edge together with the live stitches while still keeping the fabric flexible (a technique I appreciate after the sad fate of the baby norgi neckline).   I think, however, that the lack of rigidity in that cast on contributed to the problems in my initial join:  the second time I cast on over two pieces of waste yarn to stabilize it a bit more.

I’ve been wanting to make this for a while.  I finally feel confident enough in my fair-isle and steeking ability to go for it, especially after finishing the Ivy League Vest by the same designer (Eunny Jang, an amazing designer/knitter/ blogger who is now editor of Interweave Knits–how’s that for a career trajectory?).  This one has sleeves as well so it will be slow going to finish this, but seeing the pattern emerge on fair isle makes it kind of addictive and a little harder to put down than other types of knitting for me.  So maybe it will be able to debut by next fall.  There are several other Eunny Jang patterns I want to get to as well, after all…

The nice thing about this is I was able to purchase most of the yarn using credit from reteurning unused yarn from the Ivy League Vest:  the store was so nice to let me do it, 9 months after the yarn was purchased!  So I didn’t even have to totally break my rule against buying more yarn this time.


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