I <3 \”vegan friendly\” cities

Touching down in Seattle a few weeks ago, I had a moment to reflect on all the wonderful things it had to offer me.  First there is my family — my mom returned \”home\” to Seattle after 30+ year absence, dragging my father along to enjoy long walks through Lincoln Park, my favorite Aunt Barbara is there as well, with all her glorious colors of energy (and a Dulcimer!),  and of course, my grandma (Gamy or Gami — depending on which granddaughter you ask), of the famed jam and incredible reserves of spunk.  Second, I had the joy of seeing some of my favorite people from the dark, dark law schools days — those lovely folks that did indeed shine just a little light into the darkness:  Lis, Maren, Jill, and Jen.  And lastly, there was the food options to enjoy.

Vegan friendly FOOD.  How I\’ve missed thee!  Vietnamese Pho brought comfort on so many rainy Seattle afternoons, sandwiched between hours of studying and law school drama.  But, there are also sweets and baked goods using vegan ingredients.  PCC\’s vegan chocolate chip cookies are undeniably the best cookies in the vegan family.  I say this with confidence because I will eat then whether I obliged by my own personal Lenten restrictions or not.  Of course, PCC has several vegan options of treats, and over the course of the weekend, I sampled goods from at least three different PCCs in the Seattle area.

I enjoyed vegan goodies throughout my weekend:

My mom and grandma presented me with a vegan gingersnap cookie and nut-fruit bar when then picked me up at the airport.

My friends and I also searched several PCCs for the PB chocolate chip cookies to find they had all been SOLD (further evidence that they are, in truth, phenomenal).  I did snap a couple pictures of the various vegan options PCC has provided (although I forgot for most of the other sites).

Next, I was off to Trader Joe\’s for their chocolate truffle bars that I consider to be vegan because the ingredients contain no milkfat, whey, or cream, even if they are made on the same equipment that uses those same ingredients.

Near the Fremont PCC is the Theo Chocolate factory.  The tasting room was delightful.  I probably ate a full bar just sampling among the options — yes there are SEVERAL options that were \”vegan.\”

And as a capstone to the weekend, I had my pho in Ballard with an appetizer of a vegan cookie from the Flying Apron Bakery at the Ballard Farmer\’s Market.  It wasn\’t AS good as PCC, but it was just enough to tide me over till my next sojourn to the vegan friendly, emerald city in May.

Vegan Cake

Vegan Cake

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Vegan Chocolate Cake




3 thoughts on “I <3 \”vegan friendly\” cities

  1. I think we should also do the chocolate tour — not only is there a tasting room but it’s also one of the few chocolate manufacturers in the US — as opposed to the chocolate molders, etc. And yes, Lara Bars are quite yummy. I’ve been tempted to try and make some of my own but buying the ingredients is a commitment all on its own!

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