A quick word about coffee

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We love our french press!  Unlike the author, though, we’ve had a few break.  (Most famously, when my 8-month pregnant stomach knocked the fancy-schmancy alessi mini press off the counter).  We keep going back though (we don’t buy fancy ones anymore though)!


3 thoughts on “A quick word about coffee

  1. I think it’s also important to note that, while the coffee is much better, it doesn’t always make enough to appease 9 adults (only 2 non-lawyers!) doting on Little E during the blizzard of December 2008.

  2. can i grind coffee with my electric mill? i have a french press, big enough for one or two depending on the time of day i suppose. but i think a coffee grinder chops so fast and furiously there’s little time for grade. i used a hand grinder at a friends house and loved it. know where one can be bought?

    • Wow, I had never thought about using a hand grinder. I googled it and there are quite a few for sale on amazon.com–there is a big price range but some look more affordable, and some of them say they can do coarse grind. I’m intrigued!

      I try to buy my beans at trader joes and grind them there (use the coarsest grind for french presses, as I think the article says). We don’t actually have a coffee grinder. I used regular grind coffee and I think it clogs the filter, because when I plunged the filter down it would tend to splash me! (That’s not the official reason to use coarse grind, but hot coffee splashing everywhere is no fun either). At any rate, the Trader Joe’s is elecetric and does coarse grind, maybe it depends on the manufacturer?

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