The latest baby blanket.

Currently, I have three (3!) baby blankets in progress.  One is focused on hand-quilting, the other is the simple little leaf crochet pattern, and the last is focus on the actual “piecing” technique of a scrap quilt.  The local Craft Warehouse had a sale 2 weeks ago on “fat quarters” — these are precut 1/4 yard pieces.  At $2 a piece, I was quickly blinded by the deal, and with five fat quarters, I purchased a “fat quarter” quilt pattern.  It’s easy enough — you cut the same strips of each fabric and alternate sewing and cutting them together.

The baby blanket only has 20 squares – which is enough for the moment.  Here they are!

20 flannel, soft baby-girl pink squares


3 thoughts on “The latest baby blanket.

  1. Westminster Fabric. I can tell such a difference comparing them to the JoAnn variety — I had a mishap with cutting but was able to replace some of the pieces with some leftover pink flannel from my “stash” I bought a few years back from JoAnn’s. What a comparison!

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