Yep. More Coasters.

I know, I know. Enough already with the coasters, but coasters to me are like socks to Sara.  It seems like such a pity to waste perfectly good fabric.

After making the table runner for my grandma, from the same fabric as her quilt, circa 2004, I had a hard time saying goodbye to the scraps.  It’s a lot easy to get creative with small pieces, perhaps, that cutting potentially ruinous swaths from perfectly good, unlimited potential, yards of fabric.

With these coasters, I just experiments with cutting straight lines (sounds easy, but not so much) and then “squaring up” the pieces to fit the mold for a coaster.  It also presented good opportunities to practice my machine quilting techniques.

These stunners went to my friend Cris in San Francisco and Sharon, also in the Bay Area.

Indeed, more coasters.


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