Venezia pullover: as far as the waist

I’ve been working steadily along on my Eunny Jang Venezia pullover from the Winter 2006 issue of Interweave Knits.  I’m really pleased with it.  I’m a little nervous still that my gauge is off, because none of my swatches really got gauge, but as I said before, I just gave up and started it.  I’ve taken a couple measurements since I cast on and it seems OK, but the farther along I get the more scared I am to keep checking.  Well, who wants first dibs if it doesn’t fit me?

This pattern, no one will be surprised to hear me say, is fairly complicated.  It’s not so much the color pattern–once you get a few repeats in you have a little memory about how to proceed (not that I don’t look at the pattern for each row, but somehow I don’t need to look as often) and so it proceeds pretty naturally.  It’s the increases and decreases I really have to focus on.  This sweater has waist shaping, so I had to decrease at set intervals, and now increase.  Now that I’m increasing again I know I have gotten through the waist area.  I think I’ve figured out a way that keeps me from going crazy trying to keep track:  I’ve xeroxed the pattern so I can tally how may increases/decreases I have made, and write down at which row in the pattern I need to make these special stitches.  That has made it much easier than looking at the fabric itself and trying to count how far down the last increase/decrease was to see if it’s time again yet.  And it’s less likely that the waist shaping will end up at, say, the bustline, which probably wouldn’t be a good look for me.

The waist isn't that small, it's just bunched on the needles.  I don't wear corsets!

The waist isn't that small, it's just bunched on the needles. I don't wear corsets!

The worst part of this is going to be weaving in all those ends…I have tried doing it as I go but it’s too annoying (then I pay later).  Oh well.  Once I get to the armholes it won’t be so bad.  But then there’s the sleeves…

Venezia's closeup

Venezia's closeup

In other knitting related “news”–I’m all for recycling, but this is just too much for me!


5 thoughts on “Venezia pullover: as far as the waist

    • Well, I’m glad I’ve published my gullibility to the world (and the fact that I don’t read all the way through things). There’s some weird stuff out there in the knitting world though–in my defense!

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