Grass-fed meat

Here’s an interesting comparison:

CSA meat in front, other meat in back

CSA meat in front, other meat in back

These are similar cuts (the front is a delmonico loin cut, the back is another type of loin cut) so I assume it’s a fair comparison.  The difference in color is just amazing to me!  The meat in back is “naturally raised” meat though not grass-fed.  We used the Mark Bittman pan fried/oven method I’ve discussed before and to me, the CSA meat definitely had more flavor.  The other meat was just flatter and blander.  Almost as if we hadn’t salted it.  Salt is well known to elevate and enhance flavor, but in this case it just didn’t have quite as much to elevate!


2 thoughts on “Grass-fed meat

  1. wow! That is so interesting. So the back one was naturally raised? So then why do you think the color was so different? Was it frozen?

  2. I just bought some grass fed hamburger meat at the Union Square Farmer’s Market. Good price, plus they said it was 95% lean (err something like that ..=) I’m excited to make it. Supposedly we are having another BBQ tomorrow so I’ll have Brandon grill some of those.

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