Easy Quilted Baby Blanket — Finito!

Considering my upcoming trip to Seattle and a likely visit to the lovely Laney, the 1 year old recipient of this quilt, I had a mission to complete this blanket before getting on the plane to head North.  If anything can inspire me, it’s to save just a little extra buck — somehow it helps me justify those afternoon iced coffees I seem to relish and devour a little too frequently.

If you all would humor me to recall that I first bought the fabric for this quilt on that ever-so-crafty President’s Day weekend in February.   I was a little side-tracked with my fabulous table runner from my quilting class and then finishing my cousin’s huge afghan so this project has been sitting patiently on a chair waiting for my attention. 

I had prepped the project before I properly learned how to sew the layers together.  This is what I did:  I layered the fabric around the batting, sewed it inside out, and then turned it right-side out.  This required the batting and the top layer to be facing in and the outer fabric to be facing out.  This sounds REALLY confusing, and I’m not going to explain further since there’s a better way. 

The better way is to spray adhesive the pieces together, right sides up, etc., and then handquilt the flowers, binding it afterwards.  My way wasn’t exactly the WRONG way, but it created an extra layer of fabric that became more cumbersome to bind.  Because I’ve already given you the disclaimer that this is NOT the best way to do, I won’t waste your eyes with describing it (Jane Austen-esque might say “save your breath to cool your pooridge, while I will use mine to swell my song” … but that’s just a random aside…)

I tried to give you a proper close up of the hand-quilted fabrics, but this is all I’ve got. 









It’s a baby quilt and appropriately small — I used a yard of each fabric.  To bind it, I cut 2 1/2in strips and handsewed it along. 



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