Relationship Problems with my Kenmore and… a few blocks.

I’ve started my new quilting class and loving it. It helps when you love the fabrics, thanks to the wonderful selection at Quilter’s Loft. I’ve been somewhat voraciously (can that adverb be applied to sewing? let’s try) sewing over the past week. First I had to catch up after missing my first class. This required nights of cutting squares and rectangles to a Geometry teacher’s delight after work. Then the sewing came along, and it was too much fun to see the end result.  Some samples.

Six blocks

Six blocks

One of the more challenging blocks

One of the more challenging blocks

Sadly my enthusiasm was curbed on Sunday night when my sewing machine, let’s name him “Kenny Kenmore” decided it no longer wanted to cooperate. I tried for 3 hours to convince him that I was not taking him for granted, that I truly DID care. I used the “troubleshooter” guide in the manual, I unscrewed the top and swept out all the lint. I tried to flatter and bribe him with different bobbins and endless pleading. And, when he still was not understandably communicating, I knew that another 3 hours of cajoling and beseeching would be unsuccessful. I called my sisters to commiserate, which they did appropriately. I even let him sit, let him stew over it overnight, and in the morning I decided to see if maybe, just maybe he’d come around. No such luck. At that point, I decided we were at the point of professional help. Just this morning, we went to Calico Junction. Me sheepish and willing to admit I was wrong, he, steadfastly the same.

What a misunderstanding — I discovered a few days later! Here he was telling me it was the needle, and all I could hear was the bobbin. Well, I’m glad I got all of that straightened out!


2 thoughts on “Relationship Problems with my Kenmore and… a few blocks.

  1. Your blocks are beautiful! I love that color combination, I can’t get enough of it lately. Thats too bad Kenny gave you so much trouble, they know when to act up, they’re just waiting for the perfect time.

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