The Jamie-Karen Garden Cooperative

Both Jamie and I are fortunate to have grandmas who have the gift of the green thumb, and both of us are also alike in that we sure do hope and pray that we inherited one tiny part of that green thumb.  I’m guessing that it passed me by — the failed seedlings from my “windowsill herb garden” pretty much prove that.  However, if at first you don’t succeed — try, try again!  And, try we did.  Jamie and I decided to start our own little gardening cooperative.  Jamie and her husband only live about a mile away, and it seems I’m often over there for bbq’s, chick flicks or runs, so it seemed natural enough to start our garden coop.  While flowers would be pretty, both of us are foodies, in our own right, though Jamie is definitely an omnivore.  Also, Jamie and I have both lived in, well, shall we say more “cosmopolitan” locales previously to settling (for the time being) in Medford, and we like to cook.  Vegetables and maybe a few strawberries were the plants of choice.

First, we had to prep the old gardening box that had lain dormant for about 3 or 4 years on the south side of Jamie’s house.  Though her husband promised to help her, he was unfortunately (or fortunately!) out of town the weekend we decided that we must, absolutely had to, plant the garden.  Being soft, desk junkies, we were kind excited at the thought of working outside and playing in the dirt.  That lasted momentarily, but the end results kept us focused!

Here’s the plot BEFORE.

There's no telling how long this has been here.

There's no telling how long this has been here.

We went to Lowe’s and explored all there was to offer — admist of sea of other happy planters, though they were more interestingly accessorized.


If you have a need to people watch OR if you really want to convince someone NOT to get a tatoo because they last a LIFETIME, go to Lowe’s on Crater Lake on a warm Saturday afternoon. Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes, and the like were all making their faded appearances.

Here’s the plot AFTER.


And with $100 worth of plants





I also bought a starter of basil, and after a week, sadly it’s looking a little peaked.  I’m going to blame that on apartment living, for as long as I can!


2 thoughts on “The Jamie-Karen Garden Cooperative

  1. ps your basil may be getting too big for its britches. When I bought mine I was told I needed to pot it up pretty soon. My basil is not looking so good right now, but for once it’s not my fault (unless you count inadqueate supervision of little E as my fault. He really did quite a job on it–and the tarragon too).

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