This is what happens when you’re my co-worker, and you have a birthday.

I’ve never been one to love Halloween.  It can seem like a waste to spend a lot of money on some gaudy costume to wear for one night, and you have to buy your own candy when you come of  age.  No one really rewards you for a good costume but yourself. 

Then again, I love decorating and going all out for themes for other people.  This often happens around birthdays for my co-workers.  It’s just the perfect way to bring a little levity into the office.  A few years ago, my co-workers and I would always do some kind of bizarre birthday theme to decorate the cubes of our co-workers.  One year my cube was decorating with my face plastered on all sorts of triathletes.  Another co-worker, who had a thing for a certain movie star had his face plastered all over her cube.  I’m glad that I fell into another job that lets me be a little juvenile and giddy regarding decorating, especially now that I have a whole office to decorate!

For a little background, my co-worker is working on something deals with frogs.  Nothing specific here, but it deals with a lot of frogs and it makes her head ache and ache and ache.  It was the perfect theme for her birthday.  I took that idea and just ran with it.

There are plenty of poor people around the world making junk and trash for me to buy to decorate.  I supported them this past week.  Not only did I find 480 frog stickers, but I also found this bizarre, grotesque frog that was gooey and expanded in strange directions when squeezed.  I used the stickers to make her a birthday sign and the scattered the remaining across her desk (I know her well enough to know that she wouldn’t be annoyed with the extra “flair” but cheered by its ridiculousity). 

Here are a few shots of the results.  Friends and co-workers alike, beware and be forewarned.





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