The Three Tarts

On an outing with my friend Brian for Brunch in Chelsea, we came upon the cutest dessert shop–called the Three Tarts. There big thing seems to be homemade marshmallows. Strange, I know. What’s weirder is that they have specific flavors. Mango, Passion Fruit, Rasberry. These all seem very normal until you get to basil. Yes, basil. Gross, if you ask me. So, I did not try the basil. I couldn’t do it. Do you blame me? I had just went to Chelsea Market which is another great food place where I went on a mad hunt for free samples. I found quite a lot. Brian didn’t understand how I could still eat after brunch. Well, I’m a Clevering. I like food and I like it free.
Anyway, other interesting things that I saw at Three Tarts are below. One are these Orange brownies that I just thought looked so pretty. The other is fresh honey straight from the hive.

Oh–P.S. I did have the Passion Fruit….It’s what you would think. Weird. Very Weird. My advice is to stick with regular marshmallows. Why mess with a good thing?photo[1]photo[1] (2)


3 thoughts on “The Three Tarts

  1. I love it: “I like food and I like it free.” I was just expounding to a co-worker on my love of free samples, and how the last time me and Mike went to ABP they were giving out free samples of some rasberry smoothie. I took one and Mike didn’t. “Why didn’t you take one Mike?” “I didn’t want one.” “Then you should have taken it and given it to me” “I didn’t know you wanted it” “Always just assume I do.”

    Little E will only eat cheese when it’s on sample at Whole Foods.

  2. Aw jeez, I simply adore real marshmallows. But I favor the good old fashioned vanilla ones. Basil? Really? Eww.

    Those mosaic brownies are gorgeous, but orange/ lemon- flavored blondies? Sounds a lot like basil- flavored marshmallows. I’d love some kitchen tile in the orange blondie, though. Would be gorgeous over the sink.

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