Babies & Baby Blankets

I received another birth announcement in the mail a few days ago.  Sweet Grace Elizabeth was born in April but I was only now learning of it because it was sent to my old Seattle address.  Seeing as how I had just finished my latest hand quilted, hands-busy project, it’s the perfect time to add another one.

The completed project used fabric I found at Top Stitch – another fabric store within walking distance from my house.  I was under the wrong impression that it only sold Bernina sewing machines because the Bernina sign was larger than the “Top Stitch” sign.  And, owning a Kenmore, the machine of the people, I couldn’t exactly see them being to sympathetic to me as I didn’t have some fancy Swedish model.  Well, I was wrong.  The fabric is absolutely beautiful.  They don’t have Amy Butler, but I did learn why.  There are so few stores in the RV (Rogue Valley) that they all try to carry different fabric so as not to overlap.  Hhm.  Makes sense!

This little baby blanket is pretty simple.  I bought a yard of each for the top and back and used spray on adhesive to attach them to the batting.  This was a project because I had to do it outside and locate some huge plastic sheet to spray over. Fortunately for all involved, Elizabeth and Rich who are to receive the blanket and any future residents of 1495 Poplar Dr, I was able to use a plastic drop cloth typical of painting.

Once I handquilted around the pretty flowers on the top, I sewed on the binding by machine to the top and then handstitched it to the back.  I just love the fabric.

Can you see the stitches?

Can you see the stitches?

A little detail

A little detail

front & back

front & back

The next challenge is to learn how to quilt/crochet/knit a cute little animal toy to perch inside the folded blanket.  Now, wouldn’t that be a sweet gift to receive!


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