Swiss Chard-Tastic!

I know — I tend to sputter in and out with blogs, but better late than never!

While Sara is experimenting with various seasonal vegetables from her CSA and my garden is on the cusp of production, I happily take handouts from friendly neighbors and occasionally invoke an impromptu barter system.  Last week I deliverd scones and recieved garden fresh green peas and swiss chard from another happy Quilter Sarah.  Because I was feeling a little pressed for time — completing the quilt before class and getting reading for another visitor to the Rogue Valley, I didn’t take the time to leisurely peruse the cookbooks lined up with authority in my kitchen. Instead, during dull moments at work, I typed in “swiss chard” recipes into the google tool bar and mentally created a recipe of my own.   Yes, yes.  Before the furrowed eyebrows and eye rolls begin, I know it is very simple to cook chard, but I was just curious.

The best recipe came from the NY Times Recipes for Health section but that required a few too many steps — boiling, blanching and then baking.  Not too many steps, but perhaps too much to clean up, for me. Of course, for those of you who aren’t too lazy, here.  The page also links to some other options.

I took bits and pieces from here and there and come up with something.

First, I melted about 1 TB of butter in a fry pan and then added a tablespoon or two to that.  I cleaned and cut the chard, being sure to remove the coarser parts and cutting the rest into more manageable pieces.  And, into the frying pan they went, with a clove or two of minced garlic.  I added some kosher salt and black pepper, naturally, and then a few handfuls of walnuts and golden raisins for that sweetness with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar – perhaps a 1/4 cup(?).  Just before I ate it (I could say “serving it” but it was just me), I sprinkled on some parmesan cheese.

sauteing the chard

sauteing the chard

chard & walnuts

chard & walnuts

snap a picture, and dig in Karen!

snap a picture, and dig in Karen!


One thought on “Swiss Chard-Tastic!

  1. Yum. I love it that way. I was always looking up “recipes” on how to make it too but realized this is simple and tasty. Of course, I fall back on the frittata preparation quite often so I don’t feel like I am eating a side dish for dinner.

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