my camera has died, but not my spirit!

So, carting my camera around without a case, throwing her into a bag here and there, has finally caught up with me, er it.  It’s not exactly working in its prime form. Although it will still take pictures, half of the lens is covered so it’s a very unique perspective.  Someone more creative might find a funky way to express herself, but I’m just annoyed. Sure I’d LOVE to have a new camera, but really who has that in her budget admist bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and weddings to attend?  Not to mention finishing up quilts?!?

In the meantime, I will be relying on my camera phone (don’t hold your breath) to capture what I can or on my friends to not only take the pictures but send them to me so that I can keep up with my blogging – though admittedly I have been a little lax.

Of course, I realized this when I was making lemon poppy seed cupcakes this weekend for my friend Jamie’s birthday.  Talk about devastating!  It was sweltering hot outside — at least three digits.  My house was shuttered up like I was expecting a dust storm to keep out the heat. I had the air on because the oven was preheating to 350.  It was HOT, but the batter was beautiful and golden (with 1 cup of butter, how could it not be?). The other ingredients only added to the charm — 8 oz of sour cream, 6 eggs, and of course SUGAR. It was quite sad because I had even purchased cute little cupcake liners.

Even worse, was when I was unable to show off the strawberry icing I made the next day.  Again, the weather was deplorable for baking and icing cupcakes in the heat was not much easier.  I had to refrigerate the icing mid-way through because it was getting to warm to pipe onto the cupcakes!

Jamie wanted strawberry frosting on these cupcakes because she had had some delectable ones of this variety at … her wedding. Yeah, that’s not stiff competition!  To make the icing, I found some recipes on line and then crafted my own.  I used 1 cup of butter and 32 oz of powdered sugar.  I added a splash of milk and then about a 1/3 cup of strawberry jam.  Oh, lovely.  You can really taste the essence of the strawberry.  I opted to use jam that was sweetened by fruit juices because I figured with 32 oz of powdered sugar, I didn’t have to worry about that!  I topped them off with a slice of fresh strawberries.

I attempted a camera photo shot, but I can’t figure out to send it to the computer.  Sigh.


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