My hand at machine quilting

My lovely friend Tricia had her 2nd baby.  Beautiful Morgan has entered the world, and sadly she did not have a new quilt to greet her, yet.  It’s still hanging out on the West Coast while she and her family are in North Carolina.  The birth announcement was a little reminder that it was time to finish one project before starting another (um, the placemats…).

In my beginning to quilt class, we learned out to machine quilt with the simple technique of “stitch in the ditch.”  This requires stitched in the seam where you have joined the pieces.  It’s not that difficult and with the appropriate thread, it’s not too hard to hide all the many errors.  Although it’s a lot prettier to do more elaborate designs and there are many different “cheats” to do this, I’m not that skilled and my poor Kenny Kenmore isn’t going there.  I also don’t have the expertise to “free-hand” it.  I decided to Tricia and Morgan wouldn’t mind if I did the boring old way.  I mean, a handmade quilt is a handmade quilt by most standards these days!

What I did learn is how to attach my “quiliting foot.”  I had bought it with the package of attachments a few months back with the 1/4 in. foot which is apparently essential in the piecing component of quilting.  Fortunately, one of the Sara’s in my class also had a Kenmore and helped me attached the piece to my machine.  It’s helpful in that it feeds the three layers of bulky fabric through the machine without it bunching terribly or running on its own unguided trajectory.  This was expecially important because Morgan’s quilt (I do like that I know the recipient name now — Tricia and Toby kept it a secret, as they should!) was of flannel and very thick, though will be cozy!

Here are a few shots of machine quilting.

Look at all of that fabric!

Look at all of that fabric!

the quilting foot

the quilting foot

I’m still working on the finished project.  The final step is putting on the binding.  I’m so glad I opted to include a second brown border to match the brown binding!


One thought on “My hand at machine quilting

  1. Are you making swirlies or still stitch in the ditch? The freeform is so pretty and supposedly “easy once you get the hang of it” but I remain agnostic about that. I will let you try and tell me. I haven’t even been able to knit so the sewing has really fallen by the wayside.

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