The Completed Sampler Quilt, almost

A few weeks ago I had my very last quilting class for the “next steps” class.  I LOVE my teacher.  Cornell is a sweetheart and is everything you would hope to expect in a quilting instructor.  She fashions clothes out of fun patchwork designs, has a quirky sense of style, loving those dragonflies, and is incredibly humble, helpful, and lovely. She knows how to point you in the right direction without making you feel silly or lazy for really and truly wanting to take the easy way out.

Of course, the class wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without my classmates.  We all congratulate each other on our work.  The former kindergarten teacher has not forgotten the value of praise and often was heard to say, “oh, I’m so proud of you for doing this!”  Although we would all p-shaw and think it wasn’t necessary to receive the affirmations, we all loved it.

Not surprisingly, I was one of the younger set in the group, not just because quilting is a past-time of years ago, but also because it requires a LOT of work and patience.  It’s hard to keep up with the blocks with a full time job, so I can’t imagine other people my age with kids and jobs keeping up with the THIRTY-NINE pieces to required to make one 12×12 block.  But, perhaps it’s my years with the Presbyterian Women’s groups in Lawton, America — I had no problems fitting in.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the classes, I will admit that quilting is a LOT more fun in the dark winter months.  It’s more inviting to layer yourself with your current project and handstitch the binding when it’s rainy and windy outside than when the sun is streaming on your back through the west window.  And, it’s not like I’m going to drag my masterpiece to the beach to stitch along there.  Road trips might be a good options, of course, not when you are driving.

Here are a few of the very last squares — the dreaded applique.  Kenny Kenmore isn’t as advanced as the others, but I made do.  In the end, I used a straight stitch rather than the blanket or satin stitch.  It worked out just fine.

Stitching the applique

Stitching the applique

Honey Beez

Honey Beez



So, here are the final pieces.  I’ve included several of those from my class as well.  It’s really fun to see how different they can look with a different fabric and a different sensibility.  It’s much like putting a puzzle together but without have the final picture in your mind.

Now, to be a little vain, I took a few pictures in several different lights.  It’s not actually a “quilt” because I have sewn the front, middle and back on together yet.  And to be honest, I might employ professional help for that.  I just need to save up…



A little close-up

A little close-up

A little artistic view...

A little artistic view...

And for the other puzzles my fellow quilters put together:






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