The corn frenzy!

So, this week at my food co-op they gave us 12 ears of corn. Obviously, I was a little overwhelmed but it’s not too hard to find some recipes with a lot of corn!
My first recipe was the lemongrass butternut squash and corn soup. Really tasty. Very easy too. Basically you just boil the squash, corn (3 ears worth) and lemongrass in 5 cups of water, puree and there you go!
The next one, also very easy was edamame and corn salad. It’s just a mixture of onions, ginger, salt, cilantro and get this-low fat mayonnaise…Yes very weird, but it works. Without saying I used epicurious for my first recipe and a weight watchers for my second!

I was so proud of myself for this cooking extravaganza. As you all know, it happens seldom. I was on such a cooking kick that I think decided to use the blackberries we got and make a cobbler! Delicious!


4 thoughts on “The corn frenzy!

  1. Marie,

    Both your dishes sound great. The way you described them is the way I cook – some of that, and add some of this, and so on. I envy your access to a CSA – we have a farmer’s market now in Lawton, but only during the summer, and the selection is pretty limited.

    Hope to hear more from you in the future. I love keeping up with Linda’s daughters on this blog.

    Frantzie Couch

  2. Hey, I should have checked with you–I am also having a corn extravaganza, though only up to 4 ears at a time. I don’t know what I’d do with 12. You and Brandon could have an ear each every night for a week!

    That soup sounds great. I don’t know how to cook asian food very well but lemongrass always sounds so delicious!

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