BBA Challenge #4: Brioche

As time consuming as bread-making is reputed to be  (it’s not really as most of it is non-active time), it apparently takes much more effort than blogging.  I have made 3 more BBA breads for the BBA Challenge and have yet to post on them.  So without further ado, bread #4, as you readers know, an old favorite:  brioche!
Since I made brioche (yet again) shortly before joining the challenge, I don’t have much new to report.  To “mix it up” (because I’m crazy that way) I used my set of smaller brioche molds to make four more modest size loaves.  (Yes, I have two sets of brioche molds…and?)  I actually thought they were a pretty nice size to slice into and make brioche toast slathered with raspberry jam (my favorite–it seems to re-melt the butter inside all over again, bring out the golden, comforting flavor!)
I think that I may have overbaked them slightly–35 minutes might have been a tad bit too long; note to self for the next time.
I did take lots of photos–and in the interests of getting through a BBA backlog, I’ll let the visuals do the rest!
Brioche Poolish

Brioche Poolish





BBA Brioche

Setting dough to rise overnight in the refrigerator

Risen brioche dough

Risen brioche dough

BBA Brioche pre-rise

Brioche set in molds to rise

BBA brioche post rise

Risen dough

Baked mini-brioches

Baked brioches cooling


3 thoughts on “BBA Challenge #4: Brioche

  1. Wow. You and your brioche. Of course, you could probably say the same thing about me and scones or a few years ago it would have been cheesecake

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