Another Fabulous Birthday

We had another birthday at my workplace, and yet again, the party planners went to action to come up with an appropriate theme for this octogenarian’s birthday.  For a man as active as OMP, an 85th birthday is cause for celebration especially since he loves every day he has on earth.

OMP began his youth in Whizbang, Oklahoma, so he and I have a special kinship as Okies by birth, Oregonians by choice.  Also, OMP loves the sweets.  It’s rumored that his wife Nancy is not as generous with the sugar at home cooking to benefit his health, so he looks to supplement the artificial sweetness of life at work.  Being a baker, I happily oblige.  He’s also kindly offered to “judge” (how appropriate!) a bake-off at work, should we decide such an event is necessary.  I am sure he would do that duty with the alacrity, intention, and spirit of the justice that he applies to his day job.

We decided to go for a farm, boyhood birthday party theme and bill it as Happy 5th (+80) Birthday because he still keeps his horses and sheep despite his many and long hours at work.  We bought a plethora of balloons and tied them to each chair and found charming farmyard plates to compliment it all.  As I was the one of the group who has the time, I volunteered to make cupcakes to offset the apple pie and ice cream we had planned.  I decided to try the chocolate cupcakes I made for my friend Jodee’s birthday and experiment a bit with the icing.  I added about 1/3 a cup of jam to the frosting recipe and an additional cup of powdered sugar to maintain the consistency.  It was a challenging task to ensure that each cupcake had just enough topping but not have any left over, but with perseverance, I succeeded.

To further the theme, I used plastic “collector’s” horses to decorate each cupcake and made cupcake flags with stickers of barnyard and horses, attached to toothpicks.

And, given the decades of options, I also crafted a posterboard displaying some choice pictures of OMP from “back in the day.”  What an interesting life he has lead and is leading!  I decided it was up to me to add the appropriate captions as well.  It kind of reminded me of a 5th grade art project, but it somehow fit and was complimented.

Happy birthday OMP!

Just a few of the festivities -- including the hand-colored pie topper crafted by yours truly.

Just a few of the festivities -- including the hand-colored pie topper crafted by yours truly.


handmade cupcake toppers

Cupcakes, from another angle

Cupcakes, from another angle

Balloons just make a party - don't you think?

Balloons just make a party - don't you think? On the easel at the back of the room is the handy 5th grade art project of pictures and inspired captions.


2 thoughts on “Another Fabulous Birthday

  1. Wow with the cupcake toppers. You know, I still have those miniature babies popping up here and there from little E’s shower.

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