Partial credit (a birthday apron + birthday cupcakes)

I’ve managed to trick my camera into working again, long enough to snap this picture of my new favorite apron.  My fellow law-school quilter Jen made this for my birthday.

Jen and I met via the internet just before law school started.  UW decided to create a yahoo group to connect incoming students.  In theory I’m sure it was meant to alleviate the stress and insecurity of us all as we commenced our three years of torture.  In practice, as we wrote about who we were and what we’ve done with our lives, it only served to foster a little intimidation.  However, I was thrilled to meet Jen, a fellow swimmer, and then later, as I discovered, a fellow quilter.

I had posted some nonsense about where to find a good lap swimming pool in the U District area, trying to “test the waters” to see if there were any others of like-minded pursuits.  I really don’t care to discuss 1L or the Paper Chase when not imminently necessary.  Good ol’ Jen responded and we decided to meet up and swim a few days before we began 1L orientation (the joys to follow, obviously!).

Well just after our session of laps and weights (she was a collegiate swimmer at Williamette, much unlike my 3 practice-college experience + high school swims as LHS Wolverine and Lawton YMCA Barracuda), she was telling me that she was working on these quilts for family friends.  I think my eyes just lit up like the 4th of July fireworks celebration over Puget Sound with delight.  Jen had taken quilting classes already and this inspired me to improve my self-taught ways of big squares and tie-quilting.  Jen was also kind enough to help me plan and sew Ms. Marie’s sorority T-shirt quilt (made from her old sorority T-shirts, Alpha Chi Omega!  Jen was also an alpha chi, so she likely felt it was her duty as well.  I like to joke that by proxy I am also one of Jen’s “sisters”.)

Jen has branched off into very cute endeavors.  She also lives in Portland with access to the Mill End Store and Fabric Depot.  She made me this reversible apron.  I decided to pose with the cupcakes made for the latest birthday celebration at work — chocolate, chocolate strawberry (a variation of chocolate-chocolate but with strawberry jam added to the classic Hershey’s chocolate frosting and fluffed up with another cup of powdered sugar).  Hence, I will take partial credit for the products displayed here.

THANK YOU JEN!  It’s so pretty, I hazard to wear it and get it dirty!

Side One of Cute new Apron + Cupcakes, yes the camera does add 10 lbs here.

Side 1 of Cute new Apron + Cupcakes, yes the camera does add 10 lbs here.

Side 2 of the Cute Apron -- this is why Paris Hilton always poses this way!

Side 2 of the Cute Apron -- this is why Paris Hilton always poses this way!


One thought on “Partial credit (a birthday apron + birthday cupcakes)

  1. Well you had to pose with cupcakes for that didn’t you? Very cute apron! I agree–there are these cute aprons that are too nice to use!

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