Gladys Fair Isle Bonnet

While I haven’t been doing much knitting, I have been doing some–I’ll get around to posting it all eventually, but first things first, why not show off something I’ve actually finished!

 Gladys Fair Isle Bonnet from Vintage Baby Knits for my friend Caitlin’s new baby girl L:


I found this project sort of annoying, even though it is very cute.  First, it was not fair isle in the round, meaning I had to purl with more than one color.  In fact, it wasn’t really even fair isle as I sometimes had to work three colors per row!  Obviously this is something that I could get better at in practice, but learning it along with flat fair-isle was not so fun.  The problem was that whenever I had to start a new color, it was always on the opposite end of the work.  I tried to weave the nonworking yarn in as I went so it would be in the right place when I next needed it, but that was a bit fussy too (when I was trying to deal with all the colors for the right side of the work!) 

It was a small project though so I kept at it, and I am pleased with the result.   Had this been a sweater or something larger, I probably would have thrown up my hands.  My favorite part was the tassels–you get several long lengths of the yarns and twist them together around a doorknob or chair (in fact I looped waste yarn around a chair, and then threaded the yarn for the tassels through that–otherwise it wouldn’t have worked).  It was pretty cool how the yarn stays twisted when you release it and it’s an almost professional, polished look!


And by the way, despite my gripes about this pattern, I have to say this is one of the prettiest baby knitting books I’ve ever seen.   I’m really looking forward to knitting more projects out of it.  The pattern was very clearly written, the issue was just I was not up for the fiddliness of it.  But if you want to try these techniques the pattern is perfect as it is just small enough to get some practice without going crazy!

I have not had much luck with baby hats fitting, but I hope this will fit little L at the appropriate time of year–luckily in Boston we’ve got a good stretch of cool-to-cold weather for hat wearing!


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