Eggplant ideas..

Well, I haven’t been on in a long while! So sorry to not add my wonderfully sophisticated recipes lately. I know you have all been missing them. Wink Wink.
I got some eggplants I think two weeks ago and I hate to say I truly hate them. I’ve really tried to do different things with them but haven’t been too impressed over all. However, these were the two recipes that I found that masked the taste of the slimy eggplant with it’s chewy exterior.
The first is a pasta with tomatoes and eggplants. The eggplants are just grilled for about 5 minutes on each side before putting them in your traditional pasta dish.
The second is just individual size pizza on flatbread. The eggplants (about 2 or 3) are cooked in the oven for about 30 minutes. They are then peeled and mashed up and spread on top of the pasta sauce before a little feta cheese goes on top. I have to say this one was the best. It just leaves a nice creamy consistency on top of the pizza.
I realize now that I need to start making my own bread from scratch. Sara, your bread looks incredible!!


One thought on “Eggplant ideas..

  1. Marie, do you salt the eggplants before you cook them? It can make all the difference. It draws out the bitter juices (which as I understand is more of an issue the more seeds there are). I bet it would help with the sliminess too. Also eggplant absorbs oil at first and then releases it (again, so I have read) so if you are frying it and don’t cook it long enough it may be “slimy” for that reason. I love eggplant, though I did max out in Greece recently and am on a bit of a break!

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