More technical issues

I have been struck by the same camera virus as Karen so there’s been a lack of photos to upload on my end as well.

I’ve figured out a rudimentary solution by buying a flash drive.  My computer stopped recognizing my camera, and while Canon technical support never got back to me (but did ask for an evaluation of their “resolution” of my issue), I did find some suggestions online to use a flash drive for uploading.  This works, and was only $15 to buy, but considering my camera was not cheap, I am still pretty annoyed.  (Hence the newly created post tag, “annoyances”).

This works well, except for the other problem with my camera–the eject button for the photo drive is stuck.  So I have to pry it out with tweezers.

Hence, a rudimentary solution, and a call to help!  If anyone out there knows how to fix this issue with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel, please let me know!

In the meantime, bread has been baked, so hopefully some posts will be coming soon!


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