BBA Challenge #10: Cornbread

Oh, this one didn’t go well at all.

First, I was hoping I’d manage to make this recipe in the BBA Challenge before our CSA stopped delivering plentiful ears of corn.  As a result of this, I noticed there are quite a few recipes in this cookbook that begin with C.

Finally, I had gotten up to cornbread.  I had already reserved the last corn for a pumpkin soup, so I just sighed and made sure I had enough frozen corn.  I had just gotten back from the grocery store and made sure I had enough yeast before I went so that I’d be able to pick some up if needed  (but of course I had enough yeast.  Silly). 

Of course this doesn’t use yeast.  But it does use buttermilk.  Which is how I ended up at the grocery store, again, Sunday morning.  Nor did I have polenta it turned out, but luckily I realized this before the second trip.  I also picked up some more quick-cooking polenta while I was at it.

I knew that I wasn’t going to manage the overnight soak, but I figured if I could get the soaker started early Sunday morning, and make it that evening, that was pretty close to “overnight.”  As I tried to get things going quickly though I realized I dumped all my “quick cook” polenta into my buttermilk.  Well, because it was 2c of buttermilk, I really felt bad about tossing it and just decided to proceed with quick cook polenta in the spirit of experimentation.  My search on google yielded no results, but maybe perhaps for the next person who wonders…

Yes, and I also skipped the bacon part.  So really, I’m not entirely sure that I could say this was a valid “entry” in the BBA Challenge.  (but like I said, could I  throw away 2c of buttermilk?  That second half of the quart I bought was reserved for pancakes, thank you very much!).  Don’t worry, there are plenty other Challenge participants who can tell you how it’s supposed to be!

It all turned out “OK.”  When it first came out of the oven, it was “fine”–it held together well (I wasn’t sure what the quick cook would do) and was a nice warm side to our corn and pumpkin soup.  However, the leftovers were not so tasty at all–it became a bit gummy, slightly cloying (perhaps for lack of the bacon) and just not all that appetizing.  Our BBA breads NEVER go uneaten. 

Finally, (in reference to my previous post on camera troubles) I was so unenthused that I don’t have any pictures.  It looked like a pretty standard cornbread though, so hopefully not too much of an omission.


2 thoughts on “BBA Challenge #10: Cornbread

  1. Hey, I’m at work and don’t have your e-mail address at hand. But I have to solve this question: it distracts me from work. Is it called wheat spike or wheat ear?

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