“Gourmet” dinner with the ‘rents.

So, Mom and Dad came in this weekend. Usually when someone visits from out of town we always just take them out, but with the CSA coming the same weekend as Mom and Dad, I had a lot of ingredients. I like to use as many ingredients as possible in one recipe! Especially since I’m going up to Boston this weekend for more quality food (ehhem), I know that I have to use it all up before it goes bad. So Brandon and I made a sirloin steak on a bed of kale topped with caramelized onions. Brandon takes the lead on any type of BBQ, steak or chicken cooking. I can do the chicken and I’ve done steak once. It wasn’t that good.
Now, it wasn’t that difficult but it was difficult for us! We had to cook the kale set it aside, then cook the onions (Brandon had no interest in doing this-he thought it was just a waste, but I knew they would taste great with the purple parsley we got from the CSA on top of the meat!). We then had to make this mustard/rosemary spread to put on the meat before we put in the oven! Phew! Not to bad, but we also made some mashed potatoes which took up that much more space on the stove. I realized that night that the recipes have to be simple for me to makesteak because our kitchen is way too small. It’s ridiculous. Before hand we had made apple crisp and although my mother asked to help, it would have been impossible for us to fit one more person in the kitchen.


2 thoughts on ““Gourmet” dinner with the ‘rents.

  1. Marie – your meal looks great. I know your mom and dad enjoyed it. I think you were right to insist on the caramelized onions.

    Am a newbie to kale myself, and am trying different ways to cook it. So far, anything with garlic has been very good. I think I like kale now!

    I really enjoy “hearing” your voice along with Sara’s and Karen’s on the blog – keep it up!

    Have a great time in Boston.

    Frantzie Couch

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